About Marula Mining PLC

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Our Mission

At Marula, we focus on upgrading resources and near-term production that seeks to explore Africa’s rich minerals that offer long term investments with near term production.

Marula intends to capitalize on its knowledge and relationships in the advanced battery business and rare earths not only in Africa but globally as to create shareholder value via the focused investment of financial and intellectual resources in a carefully selected collection of core assets accessible in the sector and beyond. 

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The Company's aim is to disrupt and transform the advanced battery market through investments, newly developed strategies, and near-term production at our current Blesberg Lithium and Tantalum plant in South Africa.

According to Marula, this sector is accessible to green energy since demand for lithium is increasing rapidly due to the increased use of electric vehicles and grid-scale lithium-ion batteries for energy storage.

There is an obvious need to accelerate production and implement transformative methods that will enhance supply of this high-quality metal to the market and raise investor and shareholder confidence. 

Our Core Values

Sustainable Measures
Environmental Consciousnes
Clear Communication 
Constant Stakeholder Participation and Community Support

Our Objectives

A leader, listener and active member of the communities in which we operate.

Committed to sustainable developing projects with our local partners and key stakeholders as we champion a new approach to caring for the environment that we operate in .

Supporting complete transparency and traceability through all aspects of our business and activities

A team of knowledgeable experts in exploration, production technological innovation and operations that move with ethics and are engaged with all levels of the communities that we operate within.

Working with our management teams and local communities to identify projects that offer superior returns and attractive long-term investment returns.

Through our business practices and operating and financial results have the full support and confidence of investors internationally and locally

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