We Identify Opportunities Across Africa

Marula is actively looking to increase its investments in advanced mining and exploration projects

Marula is actively looking to increase its investments in advanced mining and exploration projects and companies that are located throughout East, Central and Southern Africa and which have the potential to produce critical metals and commodities for export and use in the global green economies.

Currently, Marula has interests and investments in the Blesberg Lithium, and Tantalum Mine in South Africa and the Nkombwa Hill Niobium, Tantalum, Rare Earths and Phosphate Project in Zambia. 

Marula continues to identify investment opportunities in other mines and advanced projects and is currently reviewing a number of opportunities in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

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• The Blesberg Project Mine, located in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, is one of the largest known economically mineralized pegmatite deposits and has historically been the largest single source of tantalum in South Africa.

• Historic production from the Blesberg Mine included spodumene concentrate (containing lithium), tantalite, as well as feldspar, bismuth, beryl, and mica.

• With over 250,000 tons of historical stockpiles containing high-grade spodumene, the company commenced re-processing of the lithium-rich stockpiles in Q1 2023. Bulk sampling of the high-grade spodumene material at Blesberg has been independently tested on multiple occasions and by numerous parties throughout 2023.

• Preliminary assay results demonstrate high-grade lithium contained in the lithium bearing spodumene mineralisation with results including 6.19% Li2O, 5.60% Li2O and 6.19% Li2O.

• The company is in a strategic partnership with Q Global Commodities Group, aimed at accelerating and further developing #MARU's assets, including a US$4 million investment in new mining and processing equipment to increase monthly sales to up to 5,000tpm of high-grade spodumene.

• A Two phase US$1.35 million exploration, resource drilling and mining program was completed in Q4 2023 with large scale conventional open pit mining and processing to commence early 2024. This is aimed at defining a maiden JORC resource estimate and finalising open-pit mine planning to optimise operations.

• An additional prospecting right the 'Korridor' was acquired in October 2023. It covers a license area of 912.65km2 , over 80 times the size of the Blesberg license area. This materially increases land holdings in a region with proven high-grade lithium bearing pegmatite deposits.

• The company entered into a long- term offtake agreement with Fujax UK Ltd for the sale and purchase of 100% of Blesberg's production of spodumene ore and concentrate.

• The first sale is set to commence in May 2024 through 31 December 2026, with a minimum of 50,000 tonnes at a grade of 6.00% lithium ("Li2O") (minimum 5.50% Li2O) to be delivered during this period and with an option to extend by a further three years thereafter.

Marula has also planned sales of its production of columbite-tantalite ("coltan"), feldspar and other by-product minerals including tantalum, feldspar and mica that are extracted through the Company's existing processing and XRF sorting equipment and planned expansion to the processing plant.



Marula has 75% commercial interest in 10 primary mining licences through a binding head of agreement with Takela Mining Limited.

• The Licences are valid for a period of 7 years and are located in Kinusi in Mpwapwa District in the Dodoma Region of central Tanzania.
Investment is firmly in line with the Company's battery metals focus and identification of high-grade, near-term production and cashflow generating projects.

• Samples of the copper ore mined from the small-scale activities on site and azurite and malachite copper mineralisation exposed in shallow pits and shafts reported copper grades of up to 31.32%.

• Due diligence identified a potential high grade and shallow copper ore body that appears to extend for over 1km in length and over 300m in width at the main Sasimo Prospect.
• High- grade assays from the Sasimo Prospect included 15.48%, 11.69%, 11.03%, 8.11%, 6.55% and 6.54% copper.

• Initial Exploration Target of a 10-15Mt deposit of high-grade copper and gold, the Exploration Target has the potential to be increased to in excess of 50Mt on completion of definitive resource drilling programs proposed to be completed in the next phase of exploration work at Kinusi.

• Design and construction of a two-phase processing plant to produce both a high-grade and low-grade copper concentrate completed and to be commissioned on site early 2024.

• Design work underway for a large-scale solvent extraction and electrowinning circuit for production of copper cathode.

• Phase 2 exploration work commences early 2024 and will include JORC resource drilling, detailed economic analyses, larger scale mine design study work and initial mining works programs.



• The company holds a 75% interest in 13 granted graphite licenses for the Nyorinyori graphite mine, as well as 14 granted licenses comprising the Nyorigreen graphite project. These mines are located in the Simanjiro District of the Manyara Region in Tanzania.

• Licences are contiguous and extend over a combined area of approx. 86 hectares and are valid for a 7-year period.

• Region is considered highly prospective for graphite, with shallow mineralization present and small-scale mining activities already underway.

• A focus on advancing the Nyorinyori Project through completion of a feasibility study through an accelerated exploration and development timetable.

• Exploration has commenced targeting the high- grade jumbo and large flake graphite mineralisation already seen on site.

• Surface outcrops of graphite mineralisation are found extensively on the license area targeting high-grade and shallow graphite mineralisation which has already been identified on the adjoining Nyorinyori Graphite Project licenses.

• Exploration has commenced targeting the high-grade jumbo and large flake graphite mineralisation.

• The Phase 1 exploration program was completed in December 2023, with assay results across the projects received in April 2024 reporting 122 samples taken, showing an average of 8.85% Total Graphitic Carbon ("TGC"), with the highest recording at 15.89%.

• High-grade assays include 15.89%, 14.17%, 13.92%, 12.14%, 11.82%, 11.38%, 11.37%, 11.26% and 11.22% TGC.

• The Projects have exposed graphite mineralisation extending for over 1.20 km in strike length and which remains open and has been mapped with widths of up to 120m where field observations have also indicated large graphite flakes.

• The results suggest the presence of a strong and graphite mineralised system - open-ended along strike, that has the potential to support a medium-sized mining operation.



• Larisoro Manganese Mine is located in northcentral Kenya within the Proterozoic Mozambique mobile belt, in the portion which lies to the east of the East African Rift Valley.

• Marula Mining has 60% commercial interest stake through signing a Binding Terms Sheet with Kenyan manganese mine operator Gems and Industrial Minerals Limited (“GIM”).

• This agreement to constitute also a Technical Support Agreement and a Commercial Agreement where Marula will provide investment of US$1,500,000 for new mining, crushing, screening and processing equipment to increase monthly manganese ore production to between 5,000 tonnes and 10,000 tonnes of saleable high-grade manganese ore over the next 3 to 6 months.

• The Larisoro Manganese Mine is a conventional and shallow open pit mine which commenced operation in 2012 and has operated intermittently over the past 12 years on two granted and adjoining mining permits.

• Mined manganese ore has ranged from 18.82% manganese (“Mn”) to up to 55.01% Mn and has averaged 33.41% Mn over the past 6 years and which is crushed and screened to produce a +37.00% Mn saleable product that has historically been sold into the Asian markets.

• The immediate site consists of 3 open pits that form a cumulative length of at least 600m that strikes at 235⁰ (Right Hand Rule). These are intermittently spread over a strike length of 1.2km with depths varying between 12m to 1.5m deep.

• Ore thickness ranges between 1m to 3m with an average grade of > 36% after crushing to 60mm followed by hand sorting. Historically a monthly return of 1000 tonnes has consistently been supplied to the international market via the Mombasa port.

• Marula's immediate exploration strategy is to establish down-dip and strike length continuity beyond known mineralization through a progressive phased study that is aimed towards a 60,000 tonne per annum production model.

• Given the magnetic properties of the ore at Larisoro, ground magnetics consisting of 1km lines at a line spacing of 50m making a cumulative total of 40-line kilometers is proposed for phase 1.

• Further exploration work shall be dependent on interpreted magnetic anomalies or structural indicators that would support reverse Circulation (RC) or Rotary Air Blast (RAB) drilling.



• In Bagamoyo District, Pwanai Region, Tanzania, Marula Mining PLC has secured a 73% interest in 22 graphite mining licenses. These licenses, valid for seven years, cover approximately 180 hectares and are strategically located near existing graphite mining and exploration activities.

• The exploration efforts have identified two significant graphite zones at Mihuga and Saadan South, spanning a surface area of 500 meters in strike length and 50 to 150 meters in width, with potential extensions exceeding 2 kilometers.

• August 2023 assay results confirmed the high-grade nature of graphite mineralization, particularly at the Mihuga Prospect, where total graphite content reached up to 19.71%. This finding underscores the promising potential of the Bagamoyo project.

• Marula Mining PLC, through its geologists at Geofields, is finalizing plans for the phase 2 exploration program. This program will employ various techniques such as magnetics, induced polarization, electromagnetic surveys, soil geochemistry, and drilling to delineate a maiden JORC Code 2021 compliant resource.

• Samples from Mihuga confirm an average grade of 11.97% total graphite content, with notable concentrations of medium to coarse graphite flakes reaching percentages of 19.71%, 19.33%, 15.65%, and 10.92%.

• These findings further bolster the prospects of the Bagamoyo graphite project.


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• A major mineralised carbonate complex located in North-East Zambia.

• Previous exploration has defined a JORC 2012 Compliant Total Indicated and Inferred Mineral Resource of 21.8 million tonnes ("Mt") at a grade of 7.06% P2O5 and 1.17% Total Rare Earth Oxides ("TREOs") at a 3.0% P2O5 cut-off.

• As a subset of the Total Mineral Resource above, a Mineral Resource of 2.78Mt at a grade of 2.76% TREO and 6.43% P2O5 at a 1.0% TREO cut-off grade was defined.

• The reported Total Mineral Resource was defined on an area of less than 5% of the Nkombwa Hill deposit and highlights the significant resource upside potential that exists for both phosphate, rare earth elements and also tantalum and niobium mineralisation.

• The Board believes that there is potential for the Nkombwa Project to deliver near term cash flow, with low initial capital costs, through the phased development of the near surface Rare Earth Element ("REE") ore bodies and, subject to further exploration, tantalum and niobium mineralisation into a small-scale mining operation within the next 6-9 months subject to permitting consent.

• Marula intends to carry out a systematic exploration programme to fully assess the phosphate, rare earth elements and tantalum and niobium mineralisation and report Mineral Resources in accordance with the JORC 2012 Code.

• Marula will also seek to conduct preliminary metallurgical extractive test work to identify the most efficient package to successfully extract the phosphate and REE resources, and identify the size and composition of the additional phosphate and rare earth resources.

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