Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

Our Commitment

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At Marula, we are committed to going above and beyond compliance, striving to be a leader in our industry, developing a measurable business case for sustainability, and behaving as a responsible 'citizen' in society. This entails knowing our stakeholders, especially our employees, local communities, host nations, the environment, and the larger advanced critical metals sector, and actively trying to offer value to them.

We aim to achieve the highest level of ethics and sustainability by incorporating sustainability, environmental consciousness, stakeholder engagement, community support, equality, and diversity into our core values, integrating stakeholder needs with our own goals, and aligning them with our long-term strategic objectives.

We are at all times a partner and member of the communities that we operate within.

For Marula, this entails more than just meeting legal requirements and minimizing negative affects; it also entails exceeding expectations, striving to build and grow long-term positive benefits, and setting industry benchmarks to compel incontrovertible and irreversible change for the better.

This necessitates the creation of a supportive company culture and corporate governance framework based on honesty, openness, integrity, and accountability, as well as a broader commitment to collaborate with investment partners, individuals, and companies throughout our supply chain to ensure they remain accountable and transparent.
If we keep these promises, we will be among the industry leaders in regards to ethical and sustainable production of critical metals in Africa. 

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Our Approach

*Responsible Production*

*Environmental Consciousness*

*Collaboration With The Community*

*Integrity And Reliability* 

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Charity Partners

Our team is dedicated to ensure and uphold the livelihood of communities living around us.

With this, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we have partnered with Mayflower Children’s Foundation. 

The foundation is a London Kenyan based charity organisation that aim’s at improving children’s welfare by providing financial, moral and physical support. Through their various charity initiatives, we have had the privilege to change lives of children in different societies in Kenya by visiting schools and children shelter homes. 

For more details please visit the Mayflower Childrens Foundation website in the link below 

Mayflower Children's Foundation Website

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