Identify, Invest, Develop, Build, Deliver, Market

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Strategic Approach

The African mining sector continues to offer world class investment opportunities
Some of the world’s highest grade, largest tonnage mining and exploration projects in the critical metals sector are located in East, Central and Southern Africa.

Marula is well placed to secure major investments in these projects and advance them through to long-term sustainable production and export of a high-value and highly sought after commodity that is critical to meet the increasing demands from the new green technologies and global economies.

Marula aims to secure these investment opportunities and through these investments recapitalize and expand existing operations, improving financial and operating performance and transforming them into longer-term sustainable mining operations.
In line with this, the Board and executive management are committed to identifying investment opportunities that meet this criteria in order to maximize the value of their investment objectives. 

Investment Criteria

Projects or assets that have the potential for economically sustainable mineral production and where Marula's specific skill sets and investments can be effectively used

Acquire interests in deposits in East, Central and Southern Africa.

Projects with an ability to be brought rapidly into production with the full support of surrounding communities and all key stakeholders.

Projects with strong technical and financial attributes and that will provide long term benefits to all stakeholders through employment, empowerment and economic development

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Plan of Action

Marula is now focusing on delivering on its strategy and through investments that meet our vision and aims and operating goals.

We are confident that by incorporating this approach with our strong relationships in Africa, operational and industry expertise, we can achieve concrete and robust shareholder and stakeholder returns while championing innovation, sustainability, and accountability in Africa and in the critical metals sector. 

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